how far will innovation take you?

HelloI am Magda Ropotan. Romanian. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Friend. World traveler. Robotics engineer. Former corporate leader. Now entrepreneur. Consultant. Teacher. 


It can bring people together and make them know each other on a deeper level, so they get the courage to venture into the unknown.


It can take learning to a completely different level if you dare to learn not only from your past experience but also from the future that is about to emerge. 

It can transform lives, businesses, and societies.


... you feel overwhelmed by the speed of change

... the needs of your employees, and of your customers seem so sophisticated to meet

... you are trapped in solving the same old problems 

... the few good ideas you have receive little or no support. Or they are impossible to put on management's agenda

... you ticked off all the conferences on your list, all the training you heard off and read all the books. 


And still have no clue how to do this thing, called innovation.

BUT I ALSO KNOW this place...

Since then, I made a long and beautiful journey!

Left the corporate world. Enrolled in an Executive MBA. Traveled the world to meet and interview successful innovation leaders. Studied with reputable experts. Went deep into understanding cultural specificities and neuroscience of innovation, foresight, consumer trends, social technologies, leadership practices, innovation processes, tools. I facilitated tens of groups searching for new products, services or solutions. And learned from every one of them. Not one project is similar to others.


Still learning.  Ready to share what I know by now.

why DO we struggle with innovation?

Future is not on our agenda

Most organizations do not have a systematized way to scan the external environment for signals of change and they do not engage regularly in discussions about the future. 

We learned the 
wrong way

We do not address our mental models and ways of thinking that are detrimental to innovation. For ex: applying divergent and convergent thinking in the same time.

We believe we know people

Armed with market studies, online data, and statistics, we rarely engage in direct conversations with our customers. We see them as sets of demographics and actions, rather than real humans, with problems, aspirations, needs.

National culture matters

We ignore cultural specificities and we believe that whatever works in Silicon Valley will also work in your culture.

It takes first an inner change of the leader

Broadening our world awareness requires an open mind, heart, and will. And this is a conscious inner process that we need to do ourselves, those who aim to produce a change.

Our brains have not caught up we the way we work today

Neuroscience showed us that our brains generate insights in certain conditions, which are not found in the regular work environment of today.

Best practices are not best everywhere

Best practices are not best everywhere. If a certain tool worked in a certain context, it doesn't make it universal.

We do not prepare the mind for new insights

We do not plan for new learning and we rely on our brains to find new solutions only from what we already know & experienced.

my work


Facilitation and project management of strategic initiatives where innovative, breakthrough solutions are needed

Coaching leaders on how to unleash the creativity of themselves, their teams, and their organizations



Board Member in several organisations

Lecturer on Innovation Leadership, Innovation Processes, Design Thinking, Foresight

Consultancy in setting up innovation teams


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